“I have been a patient of Romney Black since November 2003. I was supposed to have a cleaning with my dentist but something came up that caused him to no longer be available. Ever since that day, Doctor Black has been my dentist. They do an excellent job of keeping up on my dental care, and over the years I have told all my friends and family about them. Everyone I have told, has had the same excellent service and care I have received.

“Recently I changed my career to Real Estate and my smile is even more important for my appearance. On November 4, 2012 I had a tragic accident, and I lost parts of several of my front teeth. I was in the hospital recovering but the strange thing was I was more concerned about my teeth. I was discharged from the hospital and I immediately went over to Doctor Black’s office where he repaired all 8 teeth to look like new. I am so grateful that they got me right in and helped me get my teeth repaired

“This put me at ease and I recovered from this fall and we are still discovering issues that have arrived from this accident and Doctor Black and his Excellent Staff get me in to help fix the issues and continue to provide excellent Dental Care.”

Emily F. Jones
Murray, Utah

“I was introduced to Doctor Black and his Staff through my now wife, then just a date. In January 2006 I met Emily and we had an interesting courtship. In February, Emily said that she was interested in me, she wanted me to get the cavities in my teeth addressed, because she could not imagine kissing me. She found out I had insurance, and called Dr. Blacks office and made the appointment for me, at this time just for a checkup and cleaning.

“I have always had a fear of the Dentist, but then again I had never had insurance before my current job. I went in for that cleaning, and Doctor Black and his staff helped me get my mouth cleaned up. After 29 years of no consistent dental care, my teeth are in great shape. I have Crown’s that actually fit my mouth, my Wisdom Teeth are now gone, I do not have any Cavities; I get my cleaning every six months. But the best part of this is, I got the woman. She agreed to kiss me, and after that she agreed to marry me. Thank you for the Seven years of great Dental Care, (4 years of a great marriage), and we are looking forward to many more years.”

David A. Jones
Murray, Utah

“My wife and I have been patients of Dr. Romney Black for 11 years. We live in Wyoming and travel to Salt Lake City to have our dental work done because I(and my wife) trust the work his office provides our family. I trust that he will not suggest work that does not need to be done and that he has out dental welfare and financial needs at heart.

“Loyalty is a two way street. I refer Dr. Black to all our friends and relatives both here and in Salt Lake City because he and his team of professionals have earned my respect.

“With Respect, thank you to the team of professional of Dr. Romney Black.”

G. Donatelli
Casper, Wyoming

“I have been going to Dr. Black’s office for many years and highly recommend him. Dr. Black and his staff are friendly and professional. They are knowledgeable and courteous and my kids even like going to him!”

Brooke P.
Woods Cross, Utah

“We started coming to your office for dental care shortly after we moved from California. We really appreciate your staff greeting us by name when we walk through the door. With our busy schedules the typically brief, or no, wait prior to our appointments is greatly appreciated. I also look forward to the reminder phone calls that keep my family on track for our cleanings.”

The Taylor’s- Melba, Allen and Harrison
South Jordan, Utah

“Dr. Black has been our family dentist for 5 years. His skills as a dentist are top notch and he, as well as his staff, are very concerned about us and our needs. They are efficient, friendly, and helpful. Their office is clean, bright and inviting. I would without hesitation, recommend Dr. Black and his staff for your dental needs.”

Amy Nielsen
West Valley City, Utah

“My family has been with Dr. Black for 11 years and he has done a great job taking care of my family’s smile. I want to thank Dr. Black for giving me my smile back also. Dr. Black does a great job with my 9 year old daughter. I have and will continue to recommend Dr. Black to family members, friends and co-workers. Thank you again Dr. Black for taking care of our family.”

Todd Stokes
Herriman, Utah

“When my dentist retired I was most concerned, as he had taken care of my teeth forever. But when I discovered Dr. Black and his staff I discovered a miracle.

“From the minute I walked through the door, I felt as though I had known them all my life. The care, the service, the updated equipment and their professionalism, I could go on and on. They treated me as I was special.

“If you need a referral, I am here to tell you I HIGHLY-HIGHLY recommend them. I smile prettier and bigger each time I walk out.”

Dee H.
West Valley City, Utah